#Ulab – week1 – «No Action is the called – let’s flow through contradictions»

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21 September, 2015
I am not trying to be mean, I want to do my best…
4 October, 2015
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#Ulab – week1 – «No Action is the called – let’s flow through contradictions»

dalai lama text on observation

dalai lama text on observation

During week1 @ulabhubbilbao meeting, we were 11 of us talking, reflecting and moving with the flow of our emotions, intentions and thoughts.

After checking in, information of the rest of the UlabHubsSpain from the current meeting on Mondays at 19:00 hs. We were guided by our host today onto a stillness reflection involving 5 steps [ home, looking at the world out there, exploring the physical context, exploring other beings in the context, interacting with others] ; a powerful dynamic than moved me from mind to heart and concentrated the open mind – open heart – open will movement – Thinking – feeling – doing- on a heated heart. We confluence into a tight circle, that later on became one of the coaching circles of @ulabhubbilbao.

Our circle went for a walk that brought up a balance  conversation in which the 4 levels of listening were starting to be put in practise and emerge a future possibility from the here and now… so charged up with group energy, we moved up to share thought with the other coaching circle, only to realise that the last surprise was ready to unfolded by Asier and wracked up beautifully by Miry.

Thank you  all for sharing such a lot of good energy!

from the heart to the world.

ulabhubbilbao_week1 meeting



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