Transition – SIP : Workshop: “Orienting to the local future”

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23 April, 2015
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18 June, 2015

Transition – SIP : Workshop: “Orienting to the local future”

Transition is a  project that aims to scale up to 300 Social Innovations across Europe and develop a European Network of Social Innovation Incubators (ESIIN).  Its hold here in the Basque Country by SIP.

I designed a Workshop  to the european participants of the Transition Project with three main objectives over an oriented structured conversational methodology:

1.- Recaping the possibilities experience through the meeting with different stakeholders.

2..-Orienting themselves to the future by clarifying the intention and  impact they want to have in the local market.

3..- Letting go the weakness of their strength and letting come new possibilities.











The social entrepreneurs  taking part in this occasion were:

France: David Lorrain from 

The Netherlands: Dennis & Marcus from

Italy: Guillermo from

France: Alberto & David from