open innovation Workshop  “Thinking out of the confort zone boxes” at Transition European Project

Conversaciones eficaces y con impacto
15 February, 2016
Relaciones Efectivas y Positivas en el Trabajo
25 March, 2016

open innovation Workshop  “Thinking out of the confort zone boxes” at Transition European Project

european social innovators

open innovation Workshop  “Thinking out of the confort zone boxes”  at Transition European Project was giving to 20 different European start ups at Brussels.


1.- Refrathinking outside the box workshopming  the possibilities experience through the meeting with different stakeholders.

2..-Orienting themselves to the future by clarifying the intention and impact they want to achieve in the local market.

3..- Letting go the weakness of their strength and letting come new possibilities.






Oriented structured conversational methodology form by group and individual actions framed by the following tools:

  • mindfulness oriented future impact
  • Dialogue exchange.
  • Case clinic by U Theory.
  • Strenght vs. weakness keyword action.
  • Coaching circle of possibilities oriented to impact objectives.
  • Movement process.

Participants Input:

 During the 60 minute workshop action, I aim to rapidly actualize the knowledge acquired through the process &  to be able to take action to solve their threats through thinking outside the box mind, with images, sounds, movements and corporality

They were able to think out of the box to let themselves go off some stiff positions and look at their enterprises with new intentions and new connections for a better future.

 They all showed a great interest in evolving and improving on the personal and professional level and were open to  take part in the group, individual and pair dynamics through my workshop.