II TEDx Bilbao Imagine 2011: Design

I Tedx Bilbao Imagine 2010 Education for a better future
30 November, 2010
Participación, hacer que todos hablen
16 May, 2011
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II TEDx Bilbao Imagine 2011: Design

On 6th May, 2011 the  kicking off meeting for the 2nd edition of TEDx Bilbao Imagine took place. Excitement and a good atmosphere glided it. We worked really  hard last year and we know by heart the abilities our team has, so there we were sharing openly ideas, possibilities, disponibilities and so on.

The theme chose for this second edition of  Tedx Bilbao Imagine 2011 is   design. Jorge, our team leader delivered rules, responsabilities and other requirements from TED, as well as a new communication tool that is going to simpliflied our  does.

Our first meeting’ does are already undergoing and regarding the time, I am  set off  in accomplishing my tasks of designing another exciting event as good as last year one. Great joy accompanies me.

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