are we changing the world fast enough?…

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6 November, 2015
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14 November, 2015
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are we changing the world fast enough?…

Tensions in the world are increasing…this is not new to any of us, but we seemed tangled up  to change anything profoundly enough as individuals.

On the way of wanted to be changes makers, a question keeps popping up : if, at #ULAB,  we are 40.000 people focusing of changing the world, How should this community focus in order to actually do it? Because, the world is not really changing as fast as needed.

In Spain, on 7th Nov.2015, there was a massive women demostration against gender violence and women been killed by their partners. Cover pages, millions of women present on the demostration marching along in Madrid;  many women all over Spain with their thoughts on the problem…However,  since this demostration took place, 5 more women had been killed!!!

In the radio, experts interpret this as a normal reaction…So we speak up and they showed up to shut us….It is scarring, won’t you think?

As  part of this  focused community at the presencing institute, I have many questions popping up:

  • Shall we focus on a global issues all at once to make a diference?
  • will focus action make a different to engine the change?
  • Is it this emerging future  changing fast enough?
  • …we speak up and they showed up to shut us fast enough. are you scarred?

Information on #7NOV:

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